5 Quick Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Photography Portfolio

Photographers in the digital age have a world of tools, resources and opportunity at their fingertips. No longer do you need your “big break” to make a name for yourself and start selling your photos; you can do that right here on Your Art Gallery!

The key, of course, is to bring people into your portfolio to browse and, hopefully, buy. Here are a few ways to get more eyeballs on your work so you can increase your chances of making a sale. 

Run a Contest

Have a reputable following on social media? Give back to your fans and have some fun while you’re at it by running your own contest. This will give people an extra incentive to 1) click over to your portfolio, and 2) share your work with others. Everybody wins.


Upload New Work

Keep your portfolio fresh and engaging with new imagery. Every time you upload photos, make the announcement and encourage people to view your latest work on your portfolio page. Doing so will build the connection—and click rates—among your current followers.


Inform Your Circle

Your friends and family are your biggest fans. Be sure to keep them updated with what you’re working on. Trust us when we say they will view your work much more often than you would expect—parents, especially.



Start a Blog

A blog is a great way to share not just your work, but your perspective and journey. If you have a personal website, add a blog page and start writing!

Pro tip: Do some light keyword research and write entries around topics that people are searching for. As an example, if you are a landscape photographer, you might write a blog titled, “What Makes a Great Landscape Photographer?”

At the end of every blog, include a link and “call to action” directing readers to your portfolio on Your Art Gallery.


Keep Going

The simplest tip we can give you to drive traffic to your portfolio is to be consistent. Do all of the above regularly, and you will see results with time. For now, get started and see if you can earn a $50 Your Art Gallery credit for having the most unique portfolio clicks in the month of August. Good luck!