One of the best parts of summer is having longer days capped off by majestic sunsets. No two sunsets are the same, and each one is a treasure to capture. Here are a few quick tips for fantastic summer sunset photos.

  1. Think Ahead

Plant yourself and your equipment in an area that has an unobstructed view of the sky, and look up what time the sun is supposed to set beforehand. There’s also a huge opportunity coming up for for New Yorkers to capture one of the city’s most beloved photo opportunities on July 12 and 13: Manhattanhenge, when the sunset aligns perfectly with the street grid. Your Art Gallery is conducting a Manhattanhenge photo contest on Facebook. Be sure to like our page and follow these instructions to submit your shot!

  1. Place The Horizon Carefully

Never focus your shot around a mid-level horizon. The best way to frame a sunset is to place the horizon in the lower third of your image.

  1. Underexpose

For richer and sharper shots, select a fast shutter speed. 1/30 of a second is optimal when you’re manually setting up your camera. On many cameras, you can also use the aperture priority setting to the same effect.

  1. Use A Wide-Angle Focal Length

The sun is, of course, the star of any sunset photo. But the landscape and the sky are what you’re really focusing on. By using a focal length between 24mm and 35mm, the sun will be small, and everything else will be fully captured.

  1. Never Use Auto Mode

Light shifts so quickly as the sun sets. When you’re attempting to capture all of the layers of color, you have to adjust your camera manually for the best results. As with any shoot, take lots of photos. Color and light change by the second when the sun is setting during the summertime, and each shot you capture is certain to be different from the last.

Use this summer as an opportunity to build out Your Art Gallery portfolio with stunning sunset images for everyone to enjoy!

– Daniel Gordon

ATTENTION  New York/Tri State Area Photographers!

We invite you to enter your amazing Manhattanhenge shots in our Facebook Contest, currently running up until July 14, 2017.