Creative Ways to Keep Your Photo Gear Organized

Investing in the right equipment as a photographer is key, but keeping all of it organized is equally important! You want to have all of your gear in one place so that you’re ready at all times to pack up your bag and go. Here are some ways to keep everything where it needs to be:


As a photographer, you want to keep your lenses safe, but also have them easily accessible. Here are two easy ways to meet both needs:

  • Shoe Rack – The pockets of a shoe rack that you’re able to hang over a door are a perfect fit for lenses! You can get an inexpensive shoe rack at a dollar store, but make sure to add a bit of padding to keep your lenses safe.
  • Wine Rack – Wooden, table top wine racks can also work great for displaying your lenses and keeping them safe.

Tripods And C-Stands

These are not fun to trip over, and stuffing them into a closet means not having them at the ready. Two solutions:

  • Snowboard Racks – These will not run you much and they are very practical. They also don’t take up a lot of space.
  • Metal Shelving – This requires space and money, but the investment is worth it. Depending on how many tripods you own and their sizes, adorning them with hooks may be helpful.


From suitcases to shelves, there are a lot of creative ways to store your cameras. But here’s what you should absolutely invest in:

  • Toolbox With Drawers – This is a bit of a project, but it’s the preferable situation for keeping everything in top shape. You’ll need foam, a knife, and rubber drawer liners as well. Cut the foam to fit the equipment, line the drawers, and voila!

Once you’re organized, the ideas and the execution will be that much better, so you can keep your focus on building your portfolio on Your Art Gallery!