Businesspeople aren’t always excited about meetings in the workplace—and artless conference rooms certainly don’t help matters. It’s a shame, too, because some of the best ideas can come out of a productive meeting or collaborative brainstorming session. Let’s consider the types of imagery that can easily transform any conference room (and, just maybe, the meetings themselves!) from drab to fab. 


Motivate with Pops of Color 

It’s 2020, and the days of bulky office furniture and off-white wallpaper are behind us. Yet, for some reason, the modern office aesthetic hasn’t entirely made its way into the boardroom. If you’re still finding yourself and your team in a space better suited for a meeting with the Bobs (you can refresh your memory here), curating a few bold and colorful images is a relatively quick fix that can help bring your space to life. 

In fact, it’s been shown that colors are associated with different mood and productivity benefits—greens and blues, for instance, are said to boost efficiency, focus and well-being, while the color red increases pulse and heart rate and can trigger alarm. For the conference room, we recommend choosing a dominant color like an emerald green or royal blue to create consistency, while mixing it up with splashes of complementary colors to create a rich and layered look. 


Get Things Moving with Motion Photography

Motion photography or motion-blur photography is a great way to capture movement in a still photo—and the perfect element to help accelerate a meeting that has come to a standstill. When we think about motion photography, we often picture the glaring lights of a car zooming by in the night or a cheetah bounding through the savannah—but the options don’t end there. From ocean waves and waterfalls to majestic birds taking flight, bringing a bit of movement into the room is sure to help get the juices flowing.


Bring the Outside In

As humans, nature inspires us to broaden our horizons, explore the world around us and connect with others in unique ways. And while it may not always be feasible to hold the quarterly staff meeting in the midst of nature’s beauty, incorporating images that capture it can breathe new life into the space. A great collection of nature photography can give everyone a much-needed brain-break from technology, while inspiring idea-sharing throughout the room. 


Don’t Go It Alone—Consult Your Art Gallery 

One of the challenges in transforming a room is choosing the images that will best complement one another and the space itself. With YAG Curate, a consulting service from Your Art Gallery, you don’t have to try to piece things together on your own. Our team of seasoned art experts will work with you to understand the specifics of your space and curate complementary pieces that can either be customized to your liking or purchased as a set. Start transforming your conference room and boosting productivity today at