Step 1: Prep your file

Prior to uploading your image, confirm the following:

  • Is the image a JPEG, TIFF, PNG file?
  • Is the size of the file under 160 MB?
  • Is it a minimum of 125 DPI and a maximum 300 DPI?
  • Is it a minimum of 2400 x 3000 (8″x10″)?

What is the difference between PNG/JPEG/GIF & TIF?

How to convert images if you do not own Photoshop

Image Crops – Is your image cropped to the edges? The uploaded image is what will be on the final printed piece; if your image isn’t cropped correctly, the appearance could affect your customer satisfaction and sales. Remember, your images are a direct reflection of you as an artist!

Step 1.5: Rotate your art

Be sure your image is uploaded at the correct orientation. If a buyer isn’t able to see your image easily and clearly, it could affect your sales on that artwork.

Step 2: Choose a size ratio

This will be your personal preference on how you would like to crop your image. We do not include all size ratios and have only selected the ratios that are most popular. If you click on the image box, you are able to select your preferred crop.

TIP: If you click all ratio options when uploading, you will be able to exclude these size options on the last step. But, if you don’t include them all during the upload process, you will not be able to add in these size options later. Our software automatically creates crops and ratios during the initial upload process, so if a ratio is excluded initially, that crop will not be available unless you re-upload your image.

Step 3: Decide whether the image will be a limited-edition print

Limited-edition images can increase the value of your work and give an incentive for buyers. Once you have set your limited-edition amount, that number cannot be adjusted. If you decide after uploading that you would like an image to be a limited-edition print, you will need to re-upload the image as such.

Find out more about Limited Editions

Step 4: Choose your YAG crop

Click the EDIT button to choose which crop best represents your artwork. This image will be the thumbnail when buyers are searching the site, so you want it to capture the most intriguing aspects of the image you have chosen.

Find out more about the best cropping practices.

Step 5: Select a title for your artwork

This information can all be edited later, but you want to choose at least an initial title for your image that speaks to the buyer.

TIP: Do you have a series of images? Put the image series in your title name to bring buyers into your portfolio to view other pieces.

Step 6: Choose your keywords

These are words that buyers use to find artwork on YAG. Try to use a variety of different keywords that represent your artwork.

TIP: We recommend using single keywords, as they are most likely show up when people are searching through the site.

Find out more about choosing the correct keywords.

Step 7: Describe your art

Write a description (this option is only accessible for Gold/Platinum members). In your description, talk about any combination of your inspiration, challenges, what type of camera you used or what about the shot caught your eye. Tell a compelling story about your image!

Step 8: Price your art

Pricing your artwork is of course an important part of this process. There are several ways to approach pricing. One easy choice is to set an hourly rate based on the industry standards and your skill level. Then, calculate how long it takes for you to get the image, edit and finalize your work for print. Also include any time for scouting, travel and even administrative time on YAG.

TIP: Once you’ve established your hourly rate, create a spreadsheet that shows all of your expenses. Think equipment, supplies, any software or memberships you need, internet access and sales tax. Compiling everything in one document will help you formulate an accurate pricing structure to use for each piece of artwork you upload on YAG.

Find out more about pricing your artwork here and here.

Step 9: Choose your printing options

As the artist, you have complete control over which print options you choose for your work. Simply check the boxes for all the items you want to make available.

TIP: If you don’t have specific requirements, we recommend keeping all options checked, as buyers will often know the sizing and formats they’re looking for.

Visit Shop Duggal to reference different print types and materials.

Step 10: Review and submit your artwork

Take a minute to review all of the information you provided. Everything you entered will show up on the bottom right under the image. If you need to make any changes, simply click the Back button.

TIP: Pay special attention to the crops, ratio, orientation and limited-edition quantities, as these aren’t able to be modified once you submit the image.

Step 11: Share on social media

See the little social media icons below the images? Once your image is available for sale, you can easily share it with your followers. Click your preferred social media platform, and YAG will automatically load your image. Enter your post content, and don’t forget to include the hashtag #yourartgallery so we can follow and share your work!

Find out more about the benefits of social media here and here.

Happy Uploading!

If you need any additional help or clarification when uploading your artwork you can visit the FAQ page, contact Customer Support on or Tech Support on