Playful experimentation is at the heart of Mary Mattingly’s artistic practice, and for nearly five years, Duggal Visual Solutions has been her trusted printing partner. Their latest collaboration working with one of Duggal’s newest products, Vibrachrome, ventured into new territory with stellar results.

When Mattingly discussed her need for vibrant color and durability in outdoor sculptural work with Duggal consultant, Hope Savvides, Vibrachrome metal printing emerged as the most viable material. Mattingly’s goal was to transform a Vibrachrome print into a sculptural painting that would require cutting and bending.

The final piece, named, “Pardon My Dust” in homage to Umberto Boccioni’s Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, ended up going through a series of processes that began with prints produced by Duggal. With Savvides’ guidance, Mattingly’s image that combined a distressed poster and a man running past were created in ​Vibrachrome printing on Silver Matte metal in two pieces at the sizes,​ ​66″W x 27″H and 64″W x 45″H.


Mattingly’s next steps included the creation of a CAD file and water jet cutting the image of the running man, a process that offers a cleaner cut than laser cutting. The final leg of her three-part image creation proved to be both delicate and exciting. Together with a metal fabricator, she got down on the floor, scored the backside of the image and bent it carefully.

“It is meant to be hung a couple of inches away from the wall so the shadows play a part of his swift movement.” Mattingly says, ”I’m looking forward to my next one!”

View “Pardon My Dust” in the group show, City Bites III at New York’s Alessandro Berni Gallery,
through August 22, 2017.