Keywords are essential to launching your photography and artwork into the digital world, where everyone is jockeying for exposure. They help match your photographs with people who want to find specific content as easily as possible. The keyword function on Your Art Gallery is an easy and effective way to make your images more visible to people who are already looking for the type of work you are creating.

First Thing’s First: Setup

On, entering keywords is extremely intuitive and allows you to take control of your success in the marketplace. After you’ve uploaded, sized, cropped, and determined whether your photograph is an open or limited edition print, the keyword process begins.

Keyword Process: Thumbnails, Titles and Descriptions

Once you’re set up, the first step in the keyword process will be the creation of a thumbnail size version of your image that will be used on and in search engines like Google and Bing. Make sure your cropping captures the essence of your image. Second, you will enter a title for your image. And third, you will enter categories for your image.

In step four, you can use your imagination to hone in on clear and simple keywords that describe your image, thus improving your photograph’s chance of matching a buyer’s search terms. In the fifth and final step, you will enter a brief descriptive summary of your image.

Get Creative: Keyword Brainstorming

Figuring out what keywords to use requires you to “walk in someone else’s shoes” – or at least pretend to. Ask yourself what search terms a buyer would enter when looking for an image like yours. People, places, objects, colors, and styles are all great starting points.

Each membership level on Your Art Gallery has a maximum keyword number. So, be sure to use all the keywords you can in order to trigger your images in as many searches as possible. It’s good to monitor and analyze keyword performance by checking how many views your photographs receive.

Fine-Tuning Keywords: The Long Game

Learning what works is a process of trial and error that is always evolving. One way to increase your knowledge is to watch YouTube videos by experts. You might also keep up on the nuances of how Google, Bing, and Yahoo are constantly updating their search engines. Unless you are a search engine optimization professional, it could take a lifetime to master keywords. So, treat it like a game of chess and just have fun with it. Get started on Your Art Gallery today!

-Diana McClure