Sasha Vithin, one of’s most active members shares his love for architecture, minimalism and geometry that translates into a unique photographic voice to an online community of over 60K followers. Read on to find out more!

1) You are an architecture student and you describe your work as minimalist. How does what you are learning in architecture school influence your minimalist aesthetic?

 Yes, that’s true. But, although I studied architecture in college, my photographic style was not influenced by it. In fact, since I was a child I liked to take pictures of buildings. But, I found I did not like a cluttered image frame. Eventually, I discovered pictures of minimalist architecture, and I realized that that was the style I was most drawn to. I liked its simplicity and brevity.


2) Your work is very graphic, how does that relate to your lifelong interest in geometry?

In school I was drawn to geometry and all things graphic. I have a technical mind. What you see in my work is the ideal proportion of production elements in the frame, starting from the architectural and ending with “man” existing in his environment.

3) How are your photographs made? Are they real locations or are they constructed in post-production?

All the pictures that you see are usually real architectural structures that I have deliberately traveled to see in a particular country. In general, I process all of my photos in photoshop, but sometimes I also process them in Lightroom.


4) You are based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Is there anything unique that you love about the architecture there?

My city, St. Petersburg is a very old city with a very long history. Most of the architecture is very old, and therefore, it is very hard to find architecture that fits my preferred style.

5) Most of your images have only one person in the frame. Is that a choice or preference, as opposed to shooting pairs or groups of people?

I prefer to have only one person in the image frame in order to compare an architectural structure with an idea of the man as small and helpless. But, at the same time having a person in the frame puts life into the image, which is very important to me.


6) Lastly, who are some of your creative influences? And, how has working with the community influenced your work?

Working with my community of artists and last year, definitely made a significant impact. You can find some my creative influences here: @thismintymoment, @oliviermorisse, @laetitiamodine and @gabriel_isak. Thanks to Your Art Gallery, I have had the opportunity to monetize my work and to share in in various exhibitions. Thank you!

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