On Thursday, April 20th, the Your Art Gallery team rolled onto Pier 94 like Art Expo aficionados. With the help of Duggal, we installed a booth filled with work from over 50 of our artists. Early on, we made it clear that we had brought our A-Game.

Located in Booth #242 in the middle of the large, open floor warehouse, we were immediately impressed by the quality and diversity of artwork featured. There were too many pieces to recount, but some of the notables included photography, original acrylic on canvas, sculptures, and collages from a variety of genres.

My first impression: So. Much. Art. Talk about visual stimulation to the max! This event was impressive, dynamic and fun. They offered something for everyone, and it was a great way to determine how we differentiated from the competition. What was my analysis? Our final product is on par (or dare I say better!) than that of some of the high-end galleries. We have a larger product offering at a more accessible price point, and because of our unique business model, we can offer our artists one of the highest percentages of sales at 90%. I had a number of people almost fall over when this was mentioned; it’s almost unheard of in this industry – You mean we actually pay our artists as the incredibly talented visionaries they are? Ridiculous!

Pictured Left to Right: Mrs Karlov, Jinsey Dauk, Eduard Karlov, Randy Lemoine, Danielle Albertz, Peter Guttman

The Art Expo also provided a platform to meet some of our incredible local artists. I’m not going to lie, I completely “Fangirled” the whole time. I was meeting all of the talented artists whose work is an inspiration on a day-to-day basis. Hearing their stories, their inspiration, meeting their friends and family – it was something I will never forget.

Everything came together in a truly epic event. Thank you all for taking part, following along and providing the team at Your Art Gallery with such an amazing product. Without ‘YOU’ it would be only ‘R Art Gallery,’ which just sounds weird. 😉

You can check out the Artists featured at the event here, see more photos here and follow our new blog for more Your Art Gallery news, inspiration and upcoming events.