Black and white photography is classic and crowd-pleasing, but it’s not always the best option for all occasions. Before you shoot in black and white, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What’s Your Focus?

If you’re into street photography, the black and white trend is an overwhelmingly popular road to take. There’s a lot going on when you snap a shot on the street. If you’re trying to focus on a person’s face, black and white is indeed a great option to highlight their features. If you’re trying to capture the essence of the street itself, on the other hand, consider using color.

  1. How is the Lighting?

If you’re working with great natural lighting, especially outdoors, it can be a bit of a waste to not take advantage of it and let the colors shine. You can always create black and white versions after the fact with digital editing; it’s much more difficult to do the reverse.

  1. What Time Period Are You Attempting To Capture?

If you’re snapping photos of older objects and settings, it can make sense to give your photos a vintage feel by photographing them in black and white. If you’re trying to capture the now, color may be the way to go. However, black and white can still have a very modern feel depending on your subjects and the balance you’re able to maintain.

As with any photo shoot, the adaptability factor is huge. You or your client may have an original plan of going strictly color or black and white, but if the setting lends itself to one over the other, be open to switching things up. You can always snap a mixture of both to give options so that you’ll always have the best photos possible to display on Your Art Gallery.

– Daniel Gordon