Art buyers come in all different forms. And in the digital age, so does the act of art buying. Here are three signs it’s time to discover your inner art enthusiast — and to consider taking the leap to procuring a collection of your own. 


  1. You’re Following an Artist, Art Account or Art Hashtag on Instagram

Depending on how you use it, Instagram can essentially function as your own personal museum or gallery, as it allows you curate your feed based on the art you are interested in seeing. If you are currently following an artist or art account out of pure interest (and not just because you’re supporting your cousin’s newfound passion for stained glass), it’s clear you already have an affinity for art. Now whether that affinity is for impressionist-era oil paintings or images of your favorite musician isn’t for us to judge. Art is art!



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I could use some wings right about now…. #wings #birdsofinstagram #freedom #quarantine #beachlife #birds #lifeonthebeach

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  1. You’re Looking for a Fun & Stable Investment Opportunity

We all know investing can be a smart way to save and plan for the future, but investing in the stock market or real estate can be time consuming and expensive — not to mention, tumultuous. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in investing, consider starting with art. Often, investing in a new or emerging artist can get you some unique, affordable pieces that are likely to appreciate over time as the artist gains clout. As with any investment, it’s important to do your research to determine the best pieces for your style, budget and ROI potential. 

L-R: Big Pink, The Journey Begins, Bubble Talk © Zhonghua Lu 


  1. You’re a Free Spirit Yourself

If you appreciate great art, chances are, you also appreciate culture, experience and adventure. Visual artists — and certainly photographers — aren’t just doing a job to earn a paycheck. Rather, they’re doing what they love and, with a lot of hard work and grit, have managed to monetize their passion. When buying from an independent artist, you’re supporting more than a business; you’re helping to fuel someone’s passion and as well as their ability to continue inspiring others with their art. 

Heaven on Earth © Transfire Photography

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