4 Landscape Photography Tips for All Seasons

No matter where you live, each season offers different moods, different weather, and different colors to appreciate. Here are four tips to capture breathtaking landscapes as they change throughout the year.

Shoot the Same Location at Different Times of Year

That luscious tree you shot in the summer? Go back to it in winter and capture the twists of the barren branches after the last of the leaves have fallen. You’ll find yourself with two dramatically contrasting photos of the same location. Revisit your favorite places at different times of the year, so that you can truly emphasize the way they evolve with each season.

Check the Weather Forecast

Super hot summer days give you a great opportunity to capture the outdoors, but can be a lighting nightmare because of the bright sun high in the sky. A gray autumn day is your best friend thanks to the soft natural light. In winter, if there’s going to be snow on the ground, you want to know so that you can get up early enough to catch it when it’s fresh. And spring is undeniably beautiful, but you want to avoid getting caught in the rain whenever possible!

Utilize Color

Don’t forget to use your white balance in the winter, and you should also overexpose a little bit for whiter snow. Your photos will get that beautiful, moody tone on a gray day, or you can also contrast the snow against a blue sky.

Taking spring and summer photos against a bright blue sky will really make your colors pop, while spring showers will offer more subdued colors and a different mood. Carefully consider your exposure when photographing autumn leaves. You can maintain your depth of field by pushing the ISO and using a high shutter speed.

Take Advantage of the Right Time of Day

The “golden hour” in photography is generally within the hour after the sun rises, or within the hour before the sun sets. Regardless of the time of year, this is when your lighting is going to be the best. Summer will yield the most beautiful sunsets, and the harsh shadows in the early evening can offer great contrast.

When snow falls, you’re going to have to forget your lazy cup of coffee and race out the door first thing. You have a very limited amount of time before the wind, the sun, and people’s footprints ruin your fresh snowfall shots.

The more diverse your photos, the more interesting Your Art Gallery will be!