Whether you have friends or family who share your passion for photography or have been nobly “marking read” the flood of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals entering your inbox, chances are you’ve come across a tool, accessory, gadget or two you’d love to add to your own arsenal. And you know what? You absolutely should. 

As we spend this socially distanced holiday season preparing for a new (and what we can only hope will be a brighter) year ahead, we cannot think of one reason why your holiday gift list shouldn’t include yourself. Of course, given the events of the past year, shopping on a budget is a must. Here are a few of our top picks for an affordable, yet unique way to celebrate yourself—and boost your photography business in 2021.


  1. A Lensball for Crystal Ball Photography

Crystal or “Lensball” photography uses refraction to invert the scene you’re shooting, making it appear as if you’re viewing it through a crystal ball. What better way to put this year behind us than with a (metaphorical) glimpse into the future? Shop the lens that coined a new term for the crystal ball effect at www.lensball.com


  1. A Camera Sling or Sling Bag

Next year, We. Are. Leaving. The. House. We have high hopes for spring/summer 2021, and a sling for your camera will help ensure you’re prepared for whatever adventure awaits once we’re able to safely take flight, ride the rails, hit the road, sail away, etc. Choose your dream excursion, then browse top-rated sling bags at B&H to find the one that’ll keep you well equipped, yet comfortably mobile. 


  1. A Polaroid Originals 600 Camera

To flash back to simpler times. That’s it. That’s the caption. Shop now on Amazon


  1. A Professional Photo Book of Your Work

The world may have gone digital—all the more so given the laws of social distancing—but who doesn’t miss actual in-person conversation? Throw it back to the days of pounding the pavement and sharing your work on paper with a photo book of all you’ve accomplished since. With Shop Duggal, you can create a top-quality professional photo book entirely online and have the finished product shipped directly to you.


  1. Join Your Art Gallery 







Your Art Gallery is an online platform for photographers to showcase their work for sale. Our silver membership is free, with memberships offering additional features and benefits ranging from $4.99 to $39.99 a month. With more buyers than ever foregoing in-person exhibits for online galleries, building your online presence is a small investment has the potential to pay off dividends. Plus, for every piece that sells, you’ll get 90% of the royalties—a gift that keeps on giving! Visit www.yourartgallery.com to learn more and get started.