When you’re running your own digital photography business, you have to consistently get out there and be your own salesperson. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you have to get new clients and projects! Here are a few ways to network from the comfort of your home or studio:

Reach out to your favorite local organizations and see what events they have coming up, then offer to donate your digital photography skills. This is a great way to give back to the community, hand out some business cards, and build your portfolio.

Start A Meetup For Photographers In Your Area
Contact other photographers in the area and organize a weekly happy hour or outing. You can share best practices and have a good time in the process. Also, you can mutually benefit from teaming up for big events. One of your new photographer friends may contact you the next time they’re overbooked!

Get Tangible
Just because your photography is digital doesn’t mean everything else has to be. Next time you go to a bridal fair or conference, set up a “photo booth” with some signage, and hand out instant film camera photos along with custom stamps. It’ll make you stand out, and will also serve as a conversation starter.

Start A Project You’ve Been Putting Off
Have a great idea for a concept, but you’re not sure where to start or where it will go? Get out there and do it, while promoting yourself in the process. Use your creative edge to get leads. Humans of New York, for example, started out as a blog, but before that, it was a mere idea! Your Art Gallery is a great place to showcase the results of your passion project.

Be Active On Twitter
You’ve probably been meaning to do this, but have put it off because you think you don’t have the time. Having Twitter conversations with other photographers and journalists is a great way to get inspired and meet new people online. It’s all about expanding your network.