Making money as a freelance photographer is challenging, but once you crack the code, you can make a great living on an enviable lifestyle. Simply taking beautiful photos isn’t enough, though. Even if you believe your work speaks for itself, you still have to speak for it sometimes!

Learn how to market yourself like a pro and you’ll be better positioned for success. Here’s a handy list of ways to promote your photography online.


Having your own website is important for any creative professional, especially photographers. Luckily, you don’t have to be a web designer to build a nice-looking site. There are plenty of very user-friendly (and budget-friendly) options to build your site with–Wix, and Squarespace, to name the most popular. You’ll also want your own domain to boost your credibility. Sites like GoDaddy offer a variety of pricing options for hosting.


Facebook is a great option for interacting directly with potential clients, and creating a page for your photography business is free. You also have the ability to advertise within virtually any budget. Your Facebook business page provides analytics, showing you how many people have viewed your posts and ads, so you can see what’s getting the most engagement.

Another bonus to using Facebook for marketing is the simple fact that pretty much everyone is on Facebook, making for an enormous potential client base. Getting your page looking sharp is important; choose a high-resolution profile image and cover photo, and make sure all of your contact information on the page is correct. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start marketing yourself!


Instagram is in many ways more relevant for photographers than Facebook, because it’s designed entirely for the purpose of sharing images. There’s no limit to the amount of photos you can upload, and it’s easy to gain followers if you use hashtags that enable people to find your photos.

Built into the Instagram app is the option to share your photos to Facebook, which streamlines the process of utilizing both platforms. You can also put a link to your portfolio in the bio section of your profile, giving people easy access to your website.


Tumblr combines the benefits of having a portfolio with the ability to interact directly with potential clients. It’s fairly user-friendly, and when designing your page, there are plenty of free templates that will make for a professional look without requiring coding.

The upload process on Tumblr is very simple, and your posts will show up as high-quality photos on your followers’ dashboards. It’s a great site for sharing images and writing blogs, too. You can use as many hashtags as you like on each post. Tumblr now also provides the option to invest in paid advertising. One word of advice for advertising on Tumblr: if you create a paid post, make sure it’s something funny, interesting, or out of the ordinary, so that people really pay attention and–most importantly–share it with their followers.


It’s free to create a business listing for yourself on Google. This puts your contact information and website right at customers’ fingertips when they search for local photographers, essentially giving you similar benefits of search engine optimization (SEO), without having to pour money and time into research, strategy, and implementation.


Though somewhat dethroned by Instagram, Twitter makes improvements all the time, and lately it’s become much more image-friendly. Just like on Instagram, utilizing hashtags in your Twitter posts will help to lead people directly to your page. The one drawback is the 140-character limit on tweets–but oftentimes brevity is best, so don’t let the limit hold you back!

Thumbtack & Fiverr

Thumbtack and Fiverr are two relatively new sites designed to connect creative professionals with clients. With Thumbtack, a client will post that they need something (i.e. headshots, wedding photography etc.), and you can respond directly with a price quote. It does cost money to use Thumbtack; you must purchase “credits” in order to send out quotes. However, if a client doesn’t view your quote or turns you down, the tokens are refunded.

Fiverr lets you set up a site in which you choose “packages” for customers. It’s user-friendly and lets people searching for photographers get a hold of you easily. On either of these sites, encourage your clients to leave a review after they work with you to boost your credibility and build a bank of testimonials that you can show future prospects.

Your Art Gallery is a fantastic way to get your work directly into the hands of clients. Simply upload your best work, set your price, choose keywords and a category, and customers browsing the site can easily find and purchase it. YAG also offers plenty of helpful tools for photographers and a 90% artist royalty. Using our text overlay graphics when you post images on other platforms is a great way to drive people to your gallery. Also, be sure to take advantage of our current self-promotion sale running through Tuesday, February 28th. We’re offering buyers $10 off their purchase when they spend $50, $25 off when they spend $100, and $75 off when they spend $200 or more. Everybody wins!