“The Spring Gala Season Has Been Canceled,” reads a March 19th headline from The New York Times — and with it, the millions of fundraising dollars these high-brow events generate for nonprofits. 

At Your Art Gallery, we understand how important spring galas and other annual charity events are to art organizations, and, like so many, were saddened to learn of their cancellation or postponement due to COVID-19. So, we got to work brainstorming ways to turn the power of visual storytelling into support for nonprofits. Here are a few of the ideas we came up with. 

  1. Engage Your Community Through Storytelling

Often, the most impactful fundraising campaigns are those that bring people and their stories to the forefront. Sharing the stories of those closely connected to your mission can be a powerful way to connect with your community — especially at a time when, despite physical separation measures, people have been brought closer together through a common crisis. 

Consider revisiting moments from past events and turning them into human interest stories. On social media, this could be as simple as posting a photo or series of photos alongside a longform caption telling the story behind the subject. Perhaps you can repurpose campaigns you had slated for spring events to instead promote the people behind your cause. Are there photos you think would lend themselves well to a feature story on a person or initiative? This is a great time to write that story — and share it with the world. 


  1. Capture the Reality of the Moment (Safely)

It’s been inspiring to see the wealth of goodwill that has emerged from the COVID-19 crisis — from organizations shifting their operations to make personal protective equipment to those ensuring our neighbors and loved ones have the resources they need to stay healthy. 

If you or your organization is contributing to the greater good, try to capture those efforts so that you can keep your community engaged and up to date. Especially if fundraising dollars are supporting your ability to contribute, or if you need funds to sustain these operations, getting the word out is crucial. Just make sure your photographer — whether in-house or freelance — is provided with the equipment and materials to do the job safely. 


  1. Create a Free Online Art Gallery for Fundraising

Your Art Gallery is an online platform for visual artists to exhibit and sell their work. To help charities secure financial support during these challenging times, we have developed a no-cost solution to support your fundraising efforts by waving the 10% processing fee on commissions for 501c3 organizations. This means you can create and promote your own online art gallery through email campaigns, social media, online relationships and more, while receiving 100% of the commission. Here’s how it works:

  • Contact photographers and artists with existing work (professionals, enthusiasts, students).
  • Ask them to support your charity donating limited production rights and sales to you.
  • Contact Your Art Gallery.
  • Create a FREE online gallery space where supporters can buy art, and charity commissions are directly deposited at the point of transaction.
  • Upload images to your organization’s Your Art Gallery page and let us handle everything else from production to delivery to customer support.
  • Link your gallery in lots of creative ways to your website, email campaigns and social media.

We have always been passionate about working with nonprofits and are committed to finding new ways to support our partners during this challenging time. To learn more about Your Art Gallery and browse thousands of images from artists around the world, visit www.yourartgallery.com. For questions about our nonprofit program or to start creating your gallery, contact us.