The 2020 holiday season is a tough one in many respects—and gift-giving is no exception. But while travel, dining and spa vouchers may be best saved for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa 2021, now is the perfect time for a unique gift you already have in your skillset. The gift of art!

As we all work to stay safe at home during the pandemic, gifting your friends and family a piece or collection of your artwork is not only a heartfelt gesture, but with a bit of thought and consideration, it can also be a great addition to their work/home space. Of course, presentation is everything, which is why we’re sharing three ways to turn your photography into personalized, high-quality gifts, courtesy of our affiliated companies. 


  1. Transform Your Photos into Gallery-Quality Wall Art 

Lightjet, high definition, acrylic, canvas, metal—there are many printing options available today. The one you choose depends on a few different factors, including the space (and person) you’re designing for as well as your price range. A durable metal print, for instance, might be best for a high use or heavily trafficked area such as the kitchen or bathroom, while a canvas print may serve well as a display piece in the living room, bedroom or home office. If you’re looking for a simple, clean and high-quality aesthetic at a lower price point, a standard photo print is a great go-to. Visit Shop Duggal to find the optimal print for your gift and giftee, and they’ll get all the framing and hanging hardware they need included.


  1. If We Can’t Make Memories, Gift Them in a Photo Book 

With gathering and traveling temporarily on hold, we are having to find creative ways to come together while staying apart. Consider taking the time to look back through your photos to trips and events past. We are all guilty of shooting a bunch of images in the moment with every intention of sharing them, then completely forgetting about it later. Now could be the perfect time to not only find and share those images, but to compile them into a perfect-bound photo book for a gift that is equally thoughtful, economical and a breeze to pull off with Duggal’s traditional, professional, specialty and premium options. 


  1. Customizable Printing, Framing, Finishing & More

There is no better time than now to experiment with creative ways to showcase your work, and no better audience than those you care about—and who care about you— most. Whether you have a vision in mind or are open to something bold and out of the ordinary, the Duggal family of companies is your one-stop source for unique, top-quality printing, finishing, mounting, framing and more.

If you are looking for a truly bespoke way to share your photography this holiday season, consult the experts at Duggal Visual Solutions to help bring your work to life. And with the holiday shopping season in full swing, be sure upload your images for sale to Your Art Gallery, where they just might become the perfect gift for someone else.