If you frequent the gallery scene, you’ve likely heard something to the effect of, “Millennials just aren’t buying art.” It’s an argument that’s both easy to make and believe. After all, a generation more consumed with buying avocado toast than owning property surely isn’t investing in the fine arts, right?

Please. According to Business Insider, “affluent” millennials are actually more likely to invest in art than previous generations, with some turning to “art flipping” as a means of building wealth. The article also notes a shift in how millennials are procuring art—with many using online sources to build their collections—which is driving a larger shift in how the market operates.

Stats and stereotypes aside, it doesn’t take a whole bunch of research to realize that art is a huge part of the world we live in (just look at Instagram). We’re surrounded by more art and creativity than ever, which means we don’t have to go to great lengths to appreciate it. And with online galleries making art more marketable by artists and accessible to buyers, becoming an art collector has become much less complicated—and less expensive!

Millennial or not, here are a few reasons to consider an online art platform like Your Art Gallery to start your art collection.

Easily Browse Images & Collections

Search by image, artist, category, price, size and more to discover the perfect piece for your space or collection—without having to leave the house!

Support New & Emerging Artists

Your Art Gallery makes it easy for budding artists and veterans alike to exhibit their work online. Reasonably-priced pieces are likely to increase in value, especially as our newer artists progress in their careers. Unlike conventional galleries that can take 40% to 50% of image royalties, Your Art Gallery ensures our artists receive 90%.

Find Something Truly Unique

New images are always being uploaded to Your Art Gallery, which means you can often snag a one-of-a-kind piece for your collection before anyone else.

Shop Your Art Gallery

Just as retail has evolved from brick and mortar to digital storefront, so too has the world of art. Your Art Gallery is evolving with the times to make great art more accessible and affordable—and to make creating art a more viable endeavor for today’s artists. Start curating your collection today at www.yourartgallery.com.