When I think about investments, I automatically think of the stock market. However, to invest in stocks, it’s almost like you need to predict the precise calculation of the course of the moon in co-ordinance with the space-time continuum. Seems a little risky, right? Considering it gets harder everyday to predict what the weather will be tomorrow let alone the nuances of something as uncertain as the stock market, I’m not convinced. The market now moves at lightning speed and based on the diversity of trending topics on my twitter feed, it’s a volatile beast that cannot be tamed. My reasoning is this; why not invest in something just as diverse as the moving market, Fine Art Photography.

Using my great powers of deduction, here are a couple of ways to determine your art investment:

  • Research – Take a look into what sort of art grabs your attention: Is it powerful? I love the quote by Sergei Shchukin -“If a picture gives you a psychological shock, buy it. It’s a good one”. If there is any way to quantify art, it’s invoking an emotion in the viewer, so if the tears start flowing you know you’re onto a good thing. Then you can research different styles of photography, the photographer’s reputation and what photography is popular. Once you’ve done your homework, you can make an educated decision. Also, collecting art is fun, (not like the stock market, just saying) you can sip your wine, nibble on salmon roulade and talk about how the delicate line contrasts with the organic synergy of the color palette. Once you’ve determined your buying strategy, the world is your oyster.
    Fortunately, YourArtGallery.com offers over 8,000 images at the touch of a button with search criteria and a rating system to make it easier to search for artwork that appeals to you and your buying strategy.
  • Rarity – Similarly to paintings, photography can be rare, the rarity is what gives an artwork its value. So when you’re on the prowl, pay special attention to limited edition prints, the size or format of the print and whether it’s signed or numbered by the artist. Inexperienced buyers often worry about the reproducibility of a photograph, but most photographers don’t actually want their work devalued by flooding the market.
    Your Art Gallery offers all artists the option to limit the production on any of their work and it’s easily identified in the description for this very reason.
  • Longevity – When shopping for artwork you also want to check the materials used, this can add to the appeal as well as the lifetime of an artwork. The key to survival here is protection against the elements, which is done by printing on acid-free archival paper and mounting under UV Protective Glass or Plexi-Glass. What about other new-to-market long lasting options? I’m glad you asked: Vibrachrome is an innovative, vibrant metal print technology that provides a scratch resistant, durable finish on artwork. Not to mention that it looks super classy and hello, PRINT. ON. METAL. How cool is that?!

YourArtGallery.com provides all of these options and more, utilizing the leading print and production provider in the world, Duggal Visual Solutions. So not only can you customize your artwork based on a number of different options but your art is guaranteed to last.

What if you were the only person in the world to get an artwork from the next Ansel Adams printed on Vibrachrome? Cool doesn’t even cover it. The full customization available on YourArtGallery.com allows for so many different options, each artwork could be considered as one of a kind. With almost 3,000 artists around the world and over 8,000 images on the site there is no limit to what amazing artwork you might discover.

Boom. Life changed. Well….what are you waiting for?

Let’s Go Art Shopping!