What kind of dad is he?

All of our dads are special to us. But do you know yours well enough to pick out the perfect gift of art for him?

Check out our simple guidelines to help you choose the best art for your Dad based on his interests this Father’s Day.


No stranger to adventure; he loves to try new things and explore everywhere he goes. Adventure Dad has an active imagination and always provided you with endless hours of entertaining stories of experiences you’re still not sure were true. You can usually find him leaping tall buildings in a single bound, investigating a new city or creating a new recipe using all the items in the fridge. He likes his artwork interesting, captivating and full of boundless energy something that inspires you to try anything and explore all that this wonderful world has to offer.

Artwork for Adventurer Dad:

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This dad is a walking encyclopedia; everything has behind it an engaging back story. He’s watched ALL the documentaries and can recite interesting facts about any time period or location on demand. Don’t even try to beat him in Trivial Pursuit! You can usually find him watching a documentary, exploring an archeological dig or in a library searching the historical/biography sections for interesting books. He wants the type of Art that has a history or story behind it, whether it’s a city, a portrait or a well known site. Give him something that he’s never seen before and it will provide him with hours of endless joy researching all about it.

Artwork for History Buff Dad:


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This Dad is an urban warrior; he moves about his local city with ease and keeps up to date with current news and events, globally and locally. He frequents the theatre, gallery openings, has tried the best restaurants and even boasts a 5 star rating on Yelp. Urbanite Dad keeps track of his many interests with a vast array of tech-gadgets to rival James Bond. You could find him at the latest (insert cultural institution) opening, reading the news on his newest gadget or simply exploring the city.

Artwork for Urbanite Dad:


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Outdoorsy Dad loves to spend every minute in the great outdoors. He’s an aficionado on every outdoor sport imaginable and has enough equipment to lead a nature expedition at any time. You can find outdoorsy Dad in REI learning about the latest mountaineer equipment, on a fishing trip or using a map scouting out his next hike.

Artwork for Outdoorsy Dad:


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