It’s easy to forget that before the dawn of the digital world, photography was a print medium. Photos were shared and stored physically, and preserved in frames on walls as tangible proof that a person had lived and experienced the moments captured.

The Internet drove a shift from paper to screen for laymen and professional photographers alike – not necessarily because digital photos were better, but more so for the fact that they were simply more convenient. Luckily, the art of photo printing has survived and established its place in an otherwise fleeting photographic world. Yet many young photographers never think to have their photos printed, failing to realize that doing so can bring a new perspective of their craft.

One fierce advocate for the printed image is photographer and filmmaker Peter McKinnon, who shared with PetaPixel his nostalgia for his dark room days. While McKinnon embraces the benefits of social media, he makes a strong argument for photographers to view their own work through its intended medium – a printed piece, rather than a screen.

Printing your work also adds multiple elements that accentuate and transform your imagery in ways a screen or monitor simply cannot replicate. Different printing paper, inks, printing machines, frames and lighting combine for countless combinations of details that bring you and your audience closer to your work. The impact of a printed photograph is unparalleled and should never be overlooked, which is why McKinnon’s video on why “you NEED to be printing your photos,” is worth watching.

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