The Your Art Gallery Photo Book is the perfect way to showcase your photography in one perfectly bound book of deliciousness. Why would you want a book of deliciousness? It’s basically THE best way to show off what an extraordinary photographer you are!

Being ready and prepped with your artwork for any situation will make you look professional, organized, capable, talented, amazing, awesome… and… the list goes on and on.

Here are some great ideas for some designs that will really pull together for a cohesive theme.


What better way to commemorate your year than with a visual diary of what you accomplished as a photographer. Can you show me an example of your most recent photography? Why yes I can prospective client {whips out Your Art Gallery Photo Book}. So easy!


Are you a complete foodie and love taking photos of food? Imagine creating a photo book of all your favorite recipes and/or food adventures. If anyone questions your commitment to your craft you can show them all your amazing food creations from Your Art Gallery Photo Book.


Create a Your Art Gallery Photo Book that documents your love for {you fill in the blank} with a complete encyclopedia of your favorite {blank}. Sort it alphabetically or by groups, breeds, colors, it’s completely up to you!


For all those photographers blessed with a green thumb, what better way to keep track of your latest botanical triumphs with a photo journal of all your greenery goodness. If Leonardo Da Vinci was still alive, he’d probably have one.


Is {Insert Country} your favorite photography subject? Put together a Photo Book of all your favorite images of all your favorite places. Then when someone asks you about {Insert Country} you have an amazing Your Art Gallery Photo Book chronicling the countries top highlights. It could be the new Lonely Planet.


Have you heard the saying ‘Your Art Gallery Photo Book for All Seasons’? Ok so maybe that doesn’t exist, but it can! You can be the first to dedicate a Photo Book to your favorite season. The colors of each season are so distinct and varied it’s practically your civic duty to the whole art community. Right?!


Do you prefer film photography over digital? Have a preferred camera, paintbrush or filter? Create a Your Art Gallery Photo Book and show the world how amazing and variable art can be and let’s be honest, what an amazing artist you are.

Now that we have some ideas…let your mind wander, be as creative as you’d like to be. This is YOUR Art Gallery; we let you customize your gallery according to your rules. You can upload any 25 pictures* you’d like by March 31st to create your one of a kind Portfolio Photo Book. Now go forth and be the most creative, talented, extraordinary photographer in the whole wide world.

*The 25 Images MUST be original artwork by the author – see YAG website for rules and regulations on artwork regulations.